Sneaker rant 1

Here we go thinking about shoes today and I was like damn sneakers have come along way good and bad. I don’t want to age myself but I remember when it was easy to cop sneaks after working for a unnamed sneaker giant who may of brainwashed me but I was putting full checks into sneakers so when I left the game so the speak I find it fascinating to see these kids copping mad pairs of the most trash sneakers and then flipping them for racks and I’m so confused. I don’t hate resellers like I get it easy money but where is the love at. The hype nowadays is so unreal like the whole influencer thing is so Garbo unless anybody wants to add me to a seeding list but these herbs on Instagram with their bricked fits selling the youth fucking monarchs like bruh these are 34.99 in the outlets fam but then they drop and sell out the power of social media then the influencers flip their sneakers what a life. Let’s get back to sneakers why do I still care about these shoes dropping I know I’m not going to get them but I look and pine for them but I’m not going to the secondary market but if you look on my phone I have goat, stockx, and grailed there. I don’t even know what I’m saying I guess I’ll always be a sneaker head at heart I just hope it leaves the mainstream again as selfish as that is.