Don’t ever button both of your suit/sport coat buttons

Now that I have a job where I have to wear a suit and tie most of the time, I have paid more attention to my menswear style. If you botton both of your suit/sport coat buttons then it tells everybody that you are a scrub with no style. You can ruin a fire suit by buttoning both of your jacket buttons. First off, buttoning both leads to more wrinkles in your jacket and increases the chance of your buttons failing. Secondly, most modern suits are made with the notion that the bottom button will never be used, thus meaning that it drapes your body in a specific way. Basically never use both of your suit buttons because you will get laughed at to your face or secretly and ‘ol girl you trying to holler at will run because she won’t want to be seen with a loptart with no fashion sense. More blogs about buttons will come and I know it sounds dumb and unimportant but it’s all about the details if you’re trying to pull of a fire fit