… not everything has to match all the time.

Today was a very interesting day. Especially when you stop, take a second and look. I’m the type of person who doesn’t care about how I dress but will analyze someone on how they dress. Today, I was with Daniel and Cadence at Vans. We saw a little Asian boy with the rainbow helicopter hat, the hat we all know when we see it. Of course we got hyped when we saw it but once he step away and his whole fit was able to be seen, we simply admired what his parents put together. He wore black/white checkered slip-on Vans, black jeans, striped shirt, and black Bape jacket. For some odd reason the hat complimented his outfit. Something so goofy blended in so well with the trend of today. The whole fam killed it with their style.

I proceeded to purchase from the bottom up:

Footwear: Tie-day authentic Vans.

Bottoms: Hurley Sunset Phantom Shorts and Hurley “in and out of water” shorts

Top:North Face patterned full-zip fleece jacket.

Ever since I was able to dress myself and once I started playing sports, I never really cared of how I don’t match (unless I had too). Today was really chill and that family reassured me that not everything has to match all the time.

Thanks for your time.