Has anyone ever thought about how we all dressed and how we acted when we were freshmen in high school. I’m only thinking about it because the school I coach for had freshmen orientation. I saw about 200 freshmen with their parents and there was a lot of different fits.

Lil ole me dressed really badly when I was a freshmen. All I have to say is that I wore a lot of white tees and 501s (Levi’s pants if you didn’t know). Looking back the countless days where I would save a couple of bucks to buy a new white or black shirt from T-shirt warehouse (R.I.P.). Did anyone get upset when your 501s would get washed and they looked like different pants? Also I remember people would get made fun of if their white tee wasn’t fresh! They’d judge you if your shirt would not show a different color when held up to the light. Might’ve been a Oxnard thing or Pacifica thing lol. What I also experienced was the “Athlete fit.” The time which you’d walk around and automatically know who was an athlete by their apparel. I instantly went to that option once I joined high school athletics and stayed consistent until this day!

I’m glad freshmen have evolved since those days. They wear clothes that are not too big and the majority look like they have made a effort to dress better. Unfortunately, the meta of how kids dress today makes it easier for kids to get put in a group or get put into a positive/negative classification.

Thank you for your time friends.