Okay back to the buttons

If you are an adult please don’t buy a suit with 3 buttons. If you’re a child you get a pass. 3 button suits are more of an “old school” style but if you already have a suit with 3 buttons it’s okay just make due and only keep the middle button buttoned while standing. If you’re going to sit down, please unbutton your jacket button or else you will wrinkle your jacket and you stomach may cause the buttons to fail. I know we can forget sometimes especially if you’re faded but if you’re my friend I will always let you know to unbutton when you are sitting because I care about you so much. And if I don’t tell you I just want to get a few laughs in before I save you. You’re probably thinking, “Why did he make two posts about buttons?” But let me assure you that it matters if you care about having stilo and believe me people are watching because these little details set you apart