OK it’s a long one BUT HEAR ME OUT!

So I remembered a tweet I saw a while back comparing the length of a girl’s nails to her job. Something along the lines that indicated that a girl with a short manicure had a stable job and Insinuating there was no way a girl with long nails made a living at a “respectable job”

Now here’s the thing. I’m all about exploring perspectives. It made me think “Am I not supposed to have colorful long nails because of my JOB?!”

And you know what I decided? I decided I set the rules for who I want to be. My abilities and my professionalism will be determined by MY actions.

Take me as I am, challenge other’s perspectives about what a modern professional looks like.

Has our generation not been haunted by the expectations of older generations enough? Lets not follow the same patterns of shaming judgement and expectation

Don’t sacrifice who you are, do your job, and be so good that they NEED you and can’t let you go. Embrace and accept who YOU are.

Let me tell you it’s worked out for me just fine.


A currently pink haired, nose ring wearing, colorful nail sporting PROFESSIONAL.