Okay I am guilty of buying cheap dress shoes that aren’t the best quality because they look okay and I don’t wear dress shoes often. For example, today I’m wearing a a pair of eBay two tone wingtip spectators and although they look okay, they are not good quality and my feet can tell. I got complimented by the security guard to tell my manager he should wear shoes like mine but I wouldn’t recommend it because they are cheap and will have a short lifespan. My new job is making me learn that quality outweighs price. I have to admit that my wife has been telling me this for some time now but it’s hard to change that frame of mind because I came from working at Nike, and being a victim of capitalism and consumerism by buying something just because it’s on sale or cheap when in reality I don’t need it. I am still trying to come to terms with it but I feel good in the fact that I am growing. Don’t get it twisted, although I wear cheap shoes to work and suits from the alleys (downtown LA aka the “callejones”) I am still looking fly because my aura mitigates the price of the clothing I wear