Tattoo rant

Oh man. This one might get rough. Let’s get this straight, I like tattoos and I think they are a great from of self expression. If you want tattoos, get them but just know what you want and where you want it because when you don’t and get that random spur of the moment one they don’t ever come out right. I get it you want to be cool hip or you get it for sentimental reasons but tattoo placement is key. I’ve seen some super dope pieces and it was like on a neck, which was like “what the fuck” and I’m staring at this girls neck trying to figure out why. It’s crazy now that they are normal which is amazing I like seeing how people express themselves and still be professional at work but sometimes it’s still a bit awkward like when I’m getting blenders and you have a demon on your eye brow asking me if I want wheat grass. I’m going to be confused. What am I even trying to say I like them but then again I don’t. I’m conflicted and some of them are so cool like when people have super dope full sleeves that shit is fire but when people have like a fucking black mark idk what it is like why is half your arm just black and they always have some fucking reason to seem smart and hip but it’s still just a black mark, but who am I to tell you anything about tattoos I don’t have any don’t want any. Just know if you do I’ll stare at them and ask you what it means and why you got it but if you hit me with some it’s Friday the 13th 13dollar tat shit imma judge but don’t fret I’m a nobody who makes bad decisions daily.

#call it