“How are you?”

I’m sorry from moving away from the main subject of Hijinks but diggy and I decided to change the motto to “fits, food, love and strife.” This message falls under the word love. Here’s my story for the day. Please enjoy. I apologize for it being so lengthy.

How are you?

Some people don’t understand how much that question affects a person. It’s so simple and can be a meaningless question but on the other hand be something that will make someone’s day because you genuinely care.

I currently work at a place where no one really wants to be. You legitimately need to be summoned there for a renewal. I ask hundreds of people a week the same question. “How are you?” I ask. The majority of the time, I get a small and polite response of “I’m good, thank you.” But no, not today. Today, one man reinforced a message that is frequently said but not practiced and made me feel like one of my purposes in life is to genuinely care. Have you ever heard someone say “make sure you tell your friends and family you love them”? Or “make sure you check up on people you care about because you never know what’s going on”? This is the most emotional encounter, I’ve had in my customer service career.

It’s about 12:30-1:00 in the afternoon. I call my next customer and a 84 year-old man briskly walks up to my counter. At first glance, he had a smug look on and I thought “oh no, this isn’t gonna be fun.” I kindly greet the man and say “hello sir, how may I help you today?” and he responds explaining details about his transaction. While processing, there was about 2 minutes of silence. I look up to the gentleman and I glance at his identification and say “Mr. Lucas, how are you?” I caught his attention immediately and he tells me “Son, no one has really asked me how I’ve been in a long time and actually meant it ever since my dear wife passed 2 years ago.” That struck me right in the heart and my heart sank. He explained to me that a simple question being asked with the tone of love and care made his life brighter. We continued to converse while I processed and at the end of it he asked to shake my hand. Mr. Lucas says to me “please make sure to continue be the caring and loving young man you are, you have a blessing of making someone’s day brighter. My wife would’ve loved for you to help her here as well.” I politely thanked him with a warm heart and he walked away.

The main thing I want to emphasize is that we are all so busy with our lives but forget that some people struggle with their own. People hide it all the time but some wear it on their sleeves. Make sure you tell them you love them or check up on the from time to time and let them know you’re there whenever need be. Also don’t be afraid to speak on what you’re going through. Let it all out. People want to love and care. Even if the only thing you say is “how are you?”

I hope you enjoyed it.

Thanks for your time, friends.