Unpopular opinion

I don’t really fuck with Yeezy’s I know I have a few pairs but looking at the 350s and they just remind me of roshe runs don’t drag me but think about they kinda similar fam, I wore my zebras to work on Friday and I was like damn I looked trash but I got mad compliments from cats that wear roshe runs still.

Ok on to the 500s omg I think those alligator looking army boot reject runner are hot garbage idk why they are popping like my brother has them and he always be like what do you think of the fit and I’m like fire except the feets. The ugly shoes trend need to DIE!!!!!

700s dad shoes are not my thing even tho I’m the coolest dad on the planet but I just don’t fuck with them. When I see people wearing them with joggers (ewwww) it looks so garbo and I don’t if I hate them or the balenciaga joints but that’s a rant for another day.

Yeah my man ye is putting out hot trash since the Nike days *sigh

#call it