Traditionally, professional or court dress attire for men calls for hard bottom dress shoes. There’s great debate even about that, with one side saying that professional dress shoes should be simple, and at most with a toe cap. There’s argument that brogue and wingtip shoes are not professional, and more casual than the standard oxford. Well, personally I love brogue and wingtips so I wear them exclusively, even though at my job I have a professional dress code. So far, I have had no complaints from administration or even judges, and I’ve even received compliments. Anyway, I think that the “rules of professional dress” may be changing as different styles of shoes come out and evolve from the traditional oxfords. Today I wore my Cole Haan Zerogrands with the knit upper. Not traditionally “professional”, but we are moving towards new times and it’s important to embrace new trends, only if they’re dope tho