What got you into buying sneakers?

So many of my friends and I love sneakers any have accumulated a good amount over the years. We each have our own reasons why we got into sneakers, but today I will focus on myself since I can only speak on my behalf.

Growing up with many siblings and little money, I either had to wear hand-me-down sneakers or I had no option but to get a pair from K-Mart or Payless (RIP Payless is going out of business). I never could get the shoes I want, which were Jordan’s at the time because it was the 90’s, I am a Bulls fan and Jordan is the GOAT.

I had to deal with kids at school making fun of my shoes because they weren’t name brand. As a response, I would fight them and make them stop talking that mess that way. Anyway, that’s another topic about social pressures of masculinity and other complex topics that I won’t touch on today because I want to keep it focus on the sneakers.

Anyways, I definitely make the connection of my upbringing and buying sneakers; wanting all these sneakers I could not have. Once I got a job at Nike in high school, I could finally afford sneakers because I had a job, and I got a discount. I quickly would buy sneakers whenever I could, and being brainwashed by the Nike life and getting that false feeling of happiness that consumerism can give you a rush that can be hard to stop, like an addiction. Anyway, I feel like this topic is changing so I will finish here. I love sneakers for the sneakers themselves, but reflecting now I feel like I love the connections I’ve had with other people with the mutual love of sneakers is what I appreciate most. I have met some of my best friends and we share the love of sneakers, and later learned we shared a lot more.

Sorry for getting into these intense topics but hey it feels awesome to think critically about our experiences

-Ace Boogie