Here we go again. Let’s talk about Virgil but what can be said about the off white boss that hasn’t been said before? I can’t design clothes to safe my life so before I get on my high horse, I want to say I love to see a fellow black man getting paid.

The Pyrex vision days man, I thought that shit was so dope. I remember trying to save my money to cop the shorts and never got a pair though.

Then when I heard about the whole Ralph Lauren rugby scandal, he really copped the rugby flannel took the tags off and screen printed Pyrex on the back and sold them b*tches for $550! He had the balls to do that. It was the most gangster move in “urban” fashion I’d ever seen. The good ole days.

Ok, let’s talk about off white now and maybe I’m old and from California but I just don’t get it. One dope piece then like 10 whack pieces followed and those hoes sell out at ridiculous prices. I know fashion ain’t cheap but come on 1300 for this checkers Anorak I don’t even think it’s fleece lined.

Maybe I’m bitter cuz I missed out on every one of the Nike joints and I see some of the most trash “celebs” bricking fits in them and that I’m hating. I still want a pair of the original Jordan 1s so if you trying to give me a pair hit me up.

Quick take on Virgil’s Louie line it’s all so very fire that belt with the orange LV buckle please please I need it.

#call it