Coming from a guy who loves high fashion and designer everything even I know that lifestyle isn’t obtainable, so for me I’ll maybe buy one piece of something nice (a jawn) and pair with some affordable fashion and some of my favorite places to get this is websites such as, and favorite).

If you are trying to do a bit more work you can hit thrift shops they always have some fire goods especially if you know a good tailor. You can find quality pieces anywhere even wal-mart has carhartt it just takes time and effort but it that the fun part digging and digging to find the right piece and making the outfit your own. The amount of jawnz I’ve got at the most obscure place is ridiculous Dog check out Nordstrom rack places people look down like Marshall’s and TJ Maxx and they have some dope stuff if you are lucky. I wear polo hats it’s my hat of choice and they always have them for the low my g don’t bite my steez. People are going to be like why didn’t I say Zara or H&M or forever 21 I didn’t say them cuz their clothes don’t fit me but if they fit you, rock it if you don’t mind looking threw all that fast fashion garbage but that is a topic for another time.

#Call it


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