Here we go I don’t like Michael kors it really irks me. Like the product is basic and some of the designs are trash. There was one point in time I wanted a Michael Kors wallet

And I may have bought an ex-girlfriend a Michael Kors watch and I thought it was a fire gift. Maybe I’m sad that they are buying Versace or its this 2003 Nissan with the Michael Kors interior that I hate the brand.

It could be their customer base that irks me like ok I see you stunting with your Michael Kors clutch acting like you are flexing on me the sweat pants I’m wearing cost more than that so I think I’m just over outlet high fashion being a thing and people acting snobbish without the clout you feel me.

Or maybe I probably got shot down girl wearing a Michael Kors bag and I’m holding a grudge the world will never know. JUST STOP WEARING MICHAEL KORS.

#call it


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