I’m almost 30 years old and I’m just starting to dress like an adult. Growing up by the beach and surfing and skating my whole life I’ve dressed like a teenager for most of my adult years I really love streetwear so it’s been hard for me to make the switch but over the last few years I’ve been changing it up and caring about the denim I buy and not just buying the cheapest or the most expensive but the right fit and style for me and not just copping mad graphic tees from like the active rack.

Working for a sporting good giant I found it acceptable to go out in hoop shorts and slides which I still do to like the gas station. Then I realized I need to step it up so I did my research and found my niche I guess I’m still trying to dress better. I guess I’ll always love supreme no matter how corny it gets and the hundreds because they were the first streetwear brand I really fucked with.

What is dressing like an adult? Is it wearing a suit everyday or is it getting all your clothes tailored or spending tons of money on designer clothes? I believe I could be wrong or way off dressing like an adult is just caring how you present yourself and making sure the way you look fits your own personal brand. No lie my personal brand and style have changed over the years. Like in high school I was the trend hopping tryin to fit in guy. College I was the Nike hoop shorts Jordan’s you know the look. Now I’m the fit god jk but I really like my style I think I’ve come into my own.

Now I no longer sag my pants, I don’t wear “fun” socks and if I wear a tee it’s something I’ve looked for and not just bought for the sale of buying and I don’t wear the most flashy sneakers anymore that one was the hardest one to fix I love sneakers more on that next time. So for this summer I’m wearing camp collared shirts and walk shorts with a 5′ inseam and if it’s chilly I’ll throw on a fleece. So what am I trying to say I just want to dress up you feel me and not ride these trends. I want to help my peers dress themselves.

I don’t care if our styles clash but as long as you are dressing yourself and being yourself I will find you fashionable.

#call it

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