This one is going to hurt. I’ve been a sneakerhead for a solid decade and I don’t like the way the culture is going but first let me tell you my story.

It all started my freshman year of high school coming from a private school I didn’t really care about shoes but don’t get it twisted I have two older brothers and I played basketball my whole life so I’ve always wore Jordans and other Nike hoop shoes. Back to high school the day I became a sneaker head I stole a pair of my brothers Jordan 10s the red and white pair and I thought I was stunting then this kid walked by with his Nike sb rayguns the home colorway,

I went up to him and asked him what they are and he said I’ll never forget “if you have to ask you can’t afford it” that smug assholeish statement made me so mad I had to out asshole this guy so from that day on I begged my mom to buy me a pair of Nike sbs but the kicker was that no stores in our area carried them and my mom was not driving to LA to buy some sneakers.

The eBay era I turned 16 and got my first job and all hell broke loose. I remember depositing my first check and then rushing home and then hitting to computer and looking for shoes, then it happened I won my first my bid a pair of Nike sb Erie

I was so jazzed for lack of better words. When those sneakers came in I rocked them the next day to school and that guy was like ok I see you and that made my week you feel me and before you are like that’s suspect but let me get this clear All sneakerheads wear sneakers for other dudes it’s just the way it is. So after that all my checks went to buying shoes most of them I didn’t really like but I had to impress these guys. Like look at this pic from the eBay MySpace days Then I got fired from my first job and then it went nuclear.

Then I got hired at a sportswear giant and my whole life changed. The discount plus free shoes every now and again I was literally working for shoes and just buying and buying and spending more money on shoes than clothes so my fits were trash my Gs. The amount of times I’ve overdrawn my account for some shoes or didn’t eat. When my numbers went up my ego rose and it was pretty big during those days and it showed I was probably the biggest sneakerhead in the building I finally made it I thought. The countless hours I spent on niketalk even tho I couldn’t be on that website. The hours of research I put into this game guys the useless knowledge the hours I put on the forums instead of studying. I remember one time camping out for cool grey 11s one of the best nights of my life with some of the best friends I’ll ever have. I was all in on being a sneaker head then the unspeakable happened…

Being a sneakerhead became mainstream and the whole game changed now I really had to try to get shoes and with no luck and the resellers tripled overnight so this wasn’t a good time but I couldn’t quit I had so much of “ME” wrapped up into being a sneakerhead I didn’t know what else to do and some of the best moments of my life were associated with shoes so I kept buying shoes. Til I finally left that sportswear giant and I stopped buying as many pairs but I still looked on the forums everyday but the love was fading. Now seeing joe la puma host sneaker shopping with straight posers on the show or full sized run talking straight hype garbage I can say I’m finally done caring about shoes will i still buy sneakers of course but will I spend hours on sole collector or #sneakers on insta no I will not. The collection is mostly gone trying to stay under 60 pairs from now on and I won’t give into the hype. I can say officially this sneakerhead is dead

#call it


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