Over the weekend the squad (contributors to this blog) and I went to the outlets because we heard from a good friend that Old Navy was having a 50% off sale. I was going there with the hopes of finding jeans because as of right now I only have one pair (Levi’s). But, the “slim” fit ones had some dope washes but when I tried them on, they were too fitted to my legs, mostly thighs (I guess I have thick thighs). I went to the next closest fit which was the “athletic” fit (I think) but I didn’t bother to try them on because the washes were light and I was looking for dark blue and black. Trying not to strike out and by like my friend Chris (SK), I kept looking and decided to get a pair of dressier pants for work. They came out to about $25 and I wore them for the first time today. They’re navy blue, with some texture and slim fit so they fit aight. Here’s a pic of the fit for work today and I have to say I do like these pants

Old Navy dress pants (slim)

H&M gingham shirt

Ebay knit tie (champagne in color)

Apple Watch (first version because I don’t need the new one)

H&M navy and white striped socks

Cola Haan wingtips

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