It’s been awhile since I ranted so today I was on my lunch walking around the beach you know enjoying the sun and this guy was wearing a pair of biker jean jogger pants like it’s 2010 with some freaking laney Jordan 5s in like great condition but I was walking on the side walk my man was in the sand but back to the joggers honestly that was one of the worse trends EVER like!!

I get it you want to show off your shoes but they look so bad like get your pants tailored but eww ok but like jogger sweats are ok cuz they are sweats. Jean joggers are lazy fashion especially when paired with those buttwipe shirts trend hopping losers. Like when I see a dude wearing joggers now I know they don’t care how they dress but they want to be cool and they think they look fly.

Someone told me they wear joggers because they are more comfortable thank regular jeans and that just says you don’t know denim. Ok you may think I don’t like cropped pants but I do like a a nice carrot cut pant(google it) but the jogger pant needs to go the way of the phat farm sneaker and DIE

#call it


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