Designer jeans rant

Here we go again let me be the first to tell you I love name brand product but sometimes they get away with selling hot garbage and passing it as fashion. My grief with some designer jeans is that they suck.

Case in point amiri what they are putting out is so freaking awful. I saw some guy in what looks like women’s jeans and some off-white prestos then he was like these jeans cost a band so I had to look them up and I was disgusted

I guess it’s a flex if you are like the 40 year old hitting on like a 23 year old let me stop.

I just see so many post on the Instagram style page (if you can call it that) with like some god awful fit with the prices next to it price doesn’t equal jawn

Like really this is such a bad in inspired fit but hey he’s flexing tho right sigh.

When I comes to denim find the right style for you as for me I hate distressed denim but if you like it so be it just make sure it fits and you are wearing it cuz you like it and not because it’s trendy.

#call it


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