If you want to go full turbo as my mans and fellow contributor #db would say, one of the ways you set your self apart is by being careful about what accessories you use. Of course if you have a trash fit, good accessories can only do so much but can’t save the whole fit so you should start there. Once you can dress yourself in some fire jawnz, again paying respekts to #db, now you should step it up even more with things that will set off the fit even more.

Besides having a tie clip, which I feel like most men wear commonly nowadays when they have to dress up, you should look into a good collar bar. A collar bar goes under your tie, and makes the knot of your tie more pronounced. You can see many movies that were dated from back in the day, from bankers to mobsters, you will notice many are wearing collar bars. I have gotten so many compliments when I wear one and my wife loves it as well. Shoutout to my wife for sometimes (actually most of the time), helping me put on my collar bar because I can get frustrated sometimes.



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