Dad shoe rant

Alright here we go again. I know yesterday I said I like a pair of dad shoes the new balance 990v5 to be specific.

I like those because they are a normal dad shoe. Now the rest of this trend can go jump off a cliff. Because these sneakers are the worse shit ever and if you disagree you are an idiot (shrugs) let’s start with the balenciaga triple s the shoe that brought this trend to the forefront. This fucking shoe is by far the worse looking thing ever and Idk why people think they are dope

This triple soled clot stepper is by far the worse thing to happen to fashion. Demna is known for designing trash i.e vetement but I wish he never put them out.

Let’s move over to the monarch oh man I spent years working for this sports wear giant and these shoes sold so heavy we would clown the mess out of these shoes and the customers and as a mouth-breathing sneakerhead I hated I mean hated this shoe then out of nowhere these fuckers made the leap in to mainstream culture and guess what they still aren’t dope not even in an ironic way

These shoes say look at me I have no style for myself.

Lastly the adidas ozweego. The shoe every rapper thinks they can pull off here’s the truth no one can. I know they are designed by raf simons but I feel his designs are nice in a conceptual sense not in a practical sense.

Maybe if you have small feet and are self-conscience about that kind of thing they will make you feet look bigger but you’ll look like a tool. Women think they can pull off the chunky sneaker but they can’t either like that fila that looks like a rav-4 yuck. I can’t wait till this trend dies and is over please don’t wear this kind of shoe but you will and call me hater and that I don’t know fashion but I’ll still dress the same and not hop on to the next new thing they push down our throats.

Please find your own lane

#call it


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