Ok this is a pretty petty rant but I really hate all this swoosh placement shenanigans. Like all this let’s put swooshes every which way it needs to stop. The Nike Darwin is the only one I like because it is a classic and it worked on them.

And like the John Geiger misplaced checks where a super dope custom and the concept was very avant-garde cool to look at not to wear

Ok enough nice things let’s get to the trash the Nike Air Force one jester fucking Garbo but enough on that. If you want more on those check out my mans ace boogie post

And The one with all the hype in the world right now the Travis Scott Air Jordan 1s these trash cans are so pretentious and the people hyping them up are hypebeast mouth breathing losers who will do whatever the internet says

They make me so mad STOP RUINING CLASSICS

#call it


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