Swinging for the fences

So it was the homie Puneet’s 30th you know we had to come out swinging for the fences with our fits. About a month earlier fellow contributors DB, Punkoh and I were at the Nike Outlet trying to avoid seeing people we didn’t want to see. But we found some bright colored air forces for like $23 so we copped them. I wanted the lows, which DB bought, but I decided to be in solidarity with Punkoh so he would follow through with the purchase. They’re my first pair of Air Force 1 mids

I knew these were going to be tricky to pull off but it’s just another day for us.

Fast forward to Punkoh’s birthday we decided to wear white pants, Hawaiian shirts and those air forces. I have to say the squad was unrivaled by our fits and all eyes were on us. You would think we were on a yacht. I channeled my GTA Vice City vibes

White chinos from amazon (had to be prime)

White on white Hawaiian shirt because I wanted to stunt

Pink Air Force 1 Mids just because

I wanted to post squad pics but I’ll let our fellow contributors do so because they slacking with the content (minus DB of course) It was a crazy weekend for sure


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