Clout chasing rant

Here we go again fam so I was browsing insta at work today right and I came across this shit

Why the fuck would you make your kid dress like this it’s like wait mommy needs these likes so I can feel better. Idk why people think they need their kids to gain clout fuck like y’all see it and like that shit like when a mom makes a account for there kid right and then post something and then comments on that bitch like did you not just post this shit like your baby is going to read it gah that shit is so corny

Let’s put my baby in designer then yell at them when he spills you know like a baby but let’s spend this bread to impress some people that I don’t like. Is that even important like I love jawnz but there has to be a line don’t force your kids to wear shit they aren’t comfortable in for your clot.

Let your kids be kids and not accessories

Maybe I’m just mad they turned my culture into a trend.

#call it


We back baby

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