Slobby’s World on Netflix

So I’m looking for a show to watch on Netflix and while scrolling I see a picture of a Jordan 1 so of course that caught my eye and I decided to give this show a chance. Basically the premise of the show is a guy named Robbie, he also goes by Slobby Robbie, owns a vintage store in Tucson, Arizona called Generation Cool. Pretty cheesy I know but it’s portrayed on screen as really successful

Anyway, he buys and sells vintage items, clothing for the most part, but prides himself on his bootleg collection.

He significantly marks up his items it makes me sick but I understand it’s a business. He makes everyone feel special, makes everyone feel like the item in question is the best thing on earth and they’ll be so cool if they buy it. I guess what frustrates me the most is that the “homie prices” he gives his “homies” also means that he financially rapes them, excuse my language.

For example, he talked his “homie” on letting them customize his all white Cortez because the dude loves super Mario. They charge him $500 for the customization and they’re straight trash. Best thing on them is the swoosh and this guy is a supposed “homie”. I feel bad for the dude I feel like he got pressured into it but also he’s an adult who gave in to the pressure to feel some sense of false coolness that came at an expensive price.

He also is probably on drugs and says “dope” a lot which is annoying. He dresses loud, not a big deal for me, but I can see how it would be considered “cheesy” or “tacky”. I will give it to him that he’s pretty knowledgeable. Worst part about the dude is that he’s a creep with women. There’s an episode where a female customer asks for help putting a Fanny pack on so he goes and puts his pipi on her booty. I mean I wouldn’t be surprised if this dude is a predator who assaults other women in that manner. Anyway, feel free to check it out on Netflix and let me know how you feel about it.


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