Oh boy what is happening with streetwear and collabs now a days. It’s official we have lost it fuck Travis Scott x Reese’s Puffs god damn why this is as bad as the hot Cheeto forever 21 stunt. Ugh why does this exist

At 50 dollars a box couldn’t be me fam but you hypebeast are going to try and resell cereal what has this become guys we need a reset

The merch is going to be stupid expensive and mediocre and they keep trying to kill tie die it suck cuz I’ve loved tie dye for years but now when I wear it I look like a trendy hoe

Let’s get back on tract and only support the real not the commercial bull trying to come up on our sub-culture. I know I’m sounding like a old head but I’m speaking the truth wear what you like and not what they tell you to like

#call it


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