I’ve always loved complex ever since my brother would cop the magazines back in the day and I would trip out on how it was double sided and shit. Plus the content was top notch it put me on to style and art I would of never got to see. So I owe it all to complex.

Even their jump to digital shaped my life ever heard of four pins and pigeons and planes they made me who I am today. Their video content is also outstanding like sneaker shopping and full sized run as a ex-mouthing breathing sneakerhead I love those shows. I know this sounds like a commercial for complex but it’s not. My beef with complex is substantial for all the food they did for the culture they also bastardized it. Who wants to see Bella hadid fucking buy shoes. Trust me I know sponsored content is the wave of the future and they are a huge company and need to make money but some of the brands they do it with just want to profit off the culture with no intention of growing it like really powered by wal-mart come on. Let me get back on track this is about complexcon believe me when I say I want to go to complex con super bad, but every year when that hoe rolls around some wild shit goes down good and bad. Like cudi returned in 16 and nerd 17 like that’s fucking dope. Then the truly buck wild shit like bum rushing lines over some Jordans to try and resell breaking exhibits the brands put time and effort into making an aesthetically pleasing environment for you hypebeast mothafuckers just for you to flock to the hype brands so much quality on the floor and y’all rather stand in line 4 hours for a trash off-white shirt just to get that Instagram clout. Maybe me beef isn’t with complexcon it’s with the way the culture is oversaturated with people who don’t love it for what it is but for how “cool” it makes them. Guess my point is that I’m a little upset with the way people act as of writing this I just saw that 500 people bumrushed security they were just doing there job I hope you get to be first in line for that faze clan hoodie bitch.

#shit still no new sign-off


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