I did it, after months of wanting one I finally bought a Skin Care Fridge… aka just a mini fridge that is marketed to fit soda and beer( it even has a car adaptor)

Imagine just applying a nice cooling moisturizer every morning, YES PLEASE!

HERE IT IS in all her Glory .. pink of course.

It includes an insert that you keep or remove to add a little shelf. I took it off to be able to fit the spray bottles.

I added 2 Pink face sheets to the door , along with some Shiseido under eye patches (they feel AmAZiNg under your eyes when they’re cooled) and my little lip mask applicator, lastly the Summer Friday Jet Lag Mask for the days when my skin is feeling super dry. Definitely not an everyday thing for me.

Fourth Ray Beauty Detox Oil – I don’t wear this every night.

Clinique Eye Cream: Every night essential. Please start using these things now so your eyes are well taken care of. Apply it with your ring finger – it has the least amount of pressure.

Jade Roller: this is what I blend the oils and serums in with when I do use them, also it just feels nice to roll on your face and helps with puffiness if you experience that.


  1. Clinique Moisture Surge: It’s a super moisturizing gel it feels super refreshing to my face. I love moisturizer. This might feel a little heavy for the day to some.
  • Belif The True Cream Aqua Bomb: Again this is a gel consistency.
  • I alternate between the two, but Clinique is my tried and true.
  • I use these tools to apply my moisturizer and my eye cream. That way you don’t have to get your fingers all up in the product.
  • The last 3 things in there

    The Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask in Vanilla : Its like a SUPER moisturizing and smooth lip balm. You can wear it at all times not just for the night.

    I have the Fourth Ray Beauty Mellow Mist: and I usually spray this on top of my moisturizer and neck ( I told you I love moisturizer) and behind that I have the Kopari Coconut Rose Toner: To spray after I wash my face or anytime I want a cooling spray.

    and that’s it! That’s all that’s in my Skin Care Fridge!

    I’m so excited about it. Again to stay true to my message of doing the shit you want to do. Do some people think this is unnecessary and “extra” ? ABSOLUTELY! But if you want one. GET ONE!

    I love it it so much πŸ’–

    Skin care is key guys, take care of your skin πŸ™‚

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