Walking W’s.

This pic below was 5 years ago. A time where my family and friends were pushing through a difficult time in our lives. I was personally struggling as well. I used to sit in solidarity for hours reading though post trying to find the words to help push us through. The quote I posted was from my grandma (quote translated from Tagalog.) She wrote me a letter right before she moved back to the Philippines. My grandma loved reading and watching shows, so if the quote sounds familiar it might before something lol.

We are always on the climb even when it doesn’t feel like it. Some days we feel like we are winning and some don’t but always a climb. The small things you do may not benefit you but they may help someone on their climb. It’s common nature to show that you care in whatever way you show it. Many people reminisce on how genuine you are and that’s how you get remembered.

This weekend taught me a great lesson. So it’s time for a story. 🤓

Thursday night, I asked my friends what are plans are for the weekend and the legend Angel6er reminded me of disco night. I totally forgot and the first thought that came into mind was, “I’m not gonna dance much.” Boy, was I wrong. I was wrong because of 3 things. First, my friends. I cannot not do many things if they are around. Second, the 2 strangers that over heard of how bad at dancing to disco we might be at. We stood in line for some drinks and we discussed how much we will struggle dancing to disco. The lovely couple turned around and told us “who cares if you struggle? Just move to the beat and make it seem like you know disco. One thing to always remember while you dance, is to smile and everyone will vibe off of that.” Even someone you don’t know can help you past something in the smallest way. Lastly, everyone who attended and danced the night away. Just looking around, everyone was moving to the groove without a care. No one ever looked at anyone with judgement. No one said that one was doing it wrong. Everyone just smiled and danced. There was no wrong. Simply enjoyment. No matter how bad I looked dancing to disco, I felt and I’m sure everyone there felt like walking Ws. (Walking wins if you don’t know lol s/o to the homie sheriff money for the hype).

Thank you guys. Hope you enjoyed this. 🤙🏽

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