Culture rant… kinda

This isn’t any typical rant today more something I realized about this lifestyle. I was scrolling thru the Instagram explore page checking out what’s going on in the world or my small slice of it and I was seeing a lot of street wear and high fashion post some of them good and some of them bad. It got me heated at first cuz it’s like the youngsters have really bad role models when it comes to dressing and not just big upping my outfits what they see is what they are going to emulate so I was like if only I had more followers and could so these people how to dress but then I thought what would that do make me feel better about me and would I sell out for free clothes and clout if I was famous and the answer is… probably yeah I can admit it .

So after I came to terms with the fact that it’s hard to be yourself when so much is thrown in your face everyday about what’s cool and what isn’t. I thought about when I got into the game and how long it took me to finally figure out who I am and what I truly like. I got excited to see what the youth can do for this culture and how they flip it and make it their own. It’s going to be amazing I know fashion is cyclical and the classics always return but with a new spin so I’m excited to see more earth friendly pieces and socially aware messages and more racially diverse designers at major fashion houses. The future of the culture is in good hands I feel. I can hear some of y’all saying what about the vultures trying to profit and the over saturation of goods and branded content and I say it’s going to change something else will be cool soon and no one will care about it even if that happens being an open minded purist will keep you looking fly and still able to enjoy what is coming out.

Does this mean I’m going to stop ranting about whack shit heavens no it means when I rant now it comes from a place of love. I know the culture is growing and I’m going to grow along with it. If the trend is whack I’m going to talk about it and clown the people who like it. What I’m trying to say let’s not slip in to the old head mentally saying the past is better than the now and just enjoy fashion for what it is a love of frivolous shit.

It has been brought to my attention some people think my fits aren’t good idk what is wrong with these troglodytes but they are entitled to their opinions. I’m going to keep getting fits off and posting those fits with dumb fucking captions.

Yours truly


The Jack Frost of getting that fit off

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