So the squad, many of whom are contributors to this blog, and I spent the weekend in Las Vegas for my bachelor party and it was the Super Bowl of Fits. The weekend was all about having fun and making memories with the people I hope to have around for the remainder of my life. Nonetheless, we had to bring out some fire Fits and given that it was my weekend, you know I had to pull out some fire Fits.

Be forewarned, I had already told the homies that my Fits were gonna be super fire but they were also going to be outside my comfort zone from what I normally wear. I figured Vegas was the place to go all out and really test if I can pull these Fits off.

Now here was the day 1 fit:

Dodger Hawaiian shirt because it’s still Hawaiian shirt summer

World Series dodgers hat

Sequin shorts with a satin interior (from ASOS)

Nike SB Day of the Dead dunk lows because I wanted to wear some of my favorite sneakers for the trip

I think I killed this fit only because the shorts kept shimmerin in the sunlight and really popped off. I think that I’m more open to take risks in how I dress and I’m going to try and use that here back at home. Anyway, let me know what you think, could be trash or fire in your eyes and I want to hear some feedback

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