You peeped the title and was like dig you shop at the mall I don’t but I love the mall and I always will so get off my…

I walked into this store and what the fuck is going on in this store fuck it’s like the Instagram explore page threw up in there It is so sad like this is what the kids are exposed to it’s heartbreaking. Just the way the store is setup everything is all over place. I get it that’s it’s supposed to be hip and edgy but to me it seemed dark and dirty. Not going to lie I used to spend mad money in zumiez on diamond and the hundred and those early streetwear brands because I didn’t have anywhere else to buy them and plus I was a bit of a fuck boy, I remember thinking I was flexing copping my super skinny krew jeans and huf weed socks with my tail keychain hot damn I was the shit back in the day. Now it’s like the brands send them the worse of the worse it’s like you want this champion fleece backpack oh champion how you had a resurgence then fucked it up more on you guys another time. I hear y’all saying dig it’s a skate shop so you just don’t get it but no it’s fucking not the zumiez in my city decks had dust on them so that argument is invalid. It makes me so mad with that market they can truly grow the culture and relate to the kids but they rather make a buck and say fuck it to the kids trying to dress “cool” by giving them just mindless soulless displays and youtbuer trash merch and some garbage sneakers but nooo I’m just washed and unaware fuck that I what’s dope and zumiez isn’t it. Hopefully the youth will grow and realize this store isn’t where to grow your personal style but just a stepping stone. I honestly don’t know why I’m so angry with a store I don’t shop in maybe it just reminds me of the journey I had to take to find myself and how I thought it was this stores style for a few years no lie idk or maybe the customer serviced sucked or how these kids were going ape shit over ripndip and thrasher hoodies or maybe cuz I still get called a fuck boy to this day Ok enough about the store.

If it cost your sanity it’s too expensive


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