I love going to the thrift stores fairly regularly because I go to look for boomboxes, cassettes, records, or some dope clothes. I have gotten very lucky over the years and have had some awesome scores.

Anyway, I went to the thrift store the other day and found these Brown/dark copper Cole Haan Zero Grands

I was really surprised how good condition they were in! They still had the tags too. I had to get them because they were my size and definitely something I can wear to work to have some stilo.

I wore them for the first time today and damn they’re so comfortable! Definitely broke some necks and glistened in the light.

Here is today’s fit for work

Suit: Green slim fit suit (ASOS)

Shirt: white dress shirt (H&M)

Tie: green stripped woven tie (Tommy Hilfiger)

Socks: pink vw bus socks (gift from my sister)

Shoes: Cole Haan Zerogrands (metallic brown/copper)

Accessories: custom pocket square, gold tie bar, gold collar bar

I love how these shoes go with the green suit. Anyway, don’t sleep on thrift stores! They have some gems! And if you find any boomboxes or dope cassettes holler at me


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