Here I am in the mountains enjoying the bliss of nature. To rant on anything wouldn’t feel right. So I’m going to stay positive and talk about all the things I love going on in fashion this month.

All the year of the rat collections are actually really cool from the big fashion house collaborating with Disney like Gucci

To Burberry making a video game to celebrate the holiday and using Chinese models in their look book very nice

To “smaller”street wear brands getting in on the event like Dover street market, BAPE, Noah, and my current favorite Crain dead they all made some fire

Even off white put something out

On to footwear with the NBA all-star game being in the chi this year Nike brought out some heaters that will probably be impossible to get but hey thrill of the hunt

The new beginnings pack is bonkers but I feel people will dog the air ship and only lust after the one but I’m not trying to be negative.

The Dior Jordan 1 I love Dior and I love Jordan 1s but 2k for a Jordan is not ok but if you get them and list them for 20k and they sell more power to you couldn’t be me

This year is going to be great I’ve noticed people dressing better and I’ve seen less and less of that fila suv shoe so things are looking up!!!

If it cost your sanity it’s too expensive


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