Air Force 1 Gore Tex

I needed to find some snow appropriate footwear for the homie Irv Gotti’s bachelor party. I decided to grab a pair some white on white Gore Tex Air Force ones since they offered some stilo that could hopefully hold up in the snow.

The uppers have some thick leather and some mesh that have had the Gore Tex treatment.

They have a sock liner with a zipper in the front, and an adjustable drawstring in the back to keep out water and snow.

They have a thick, icy blue sole, with an aggressive tread.

I was taking a big chance because I was worried how they would hold up in the elements, because they are all white and they have an icy sole.

I really put theses through the paces and was really surprised about how well they held up!

The following photos are taken after two days of snow activities:

These stayed shockingly clean and did their jobs of keeping my feet dry, as well as give me good traction on the snow. I’m definitely impressed and these will get some further use in Chicago in a few weeks. If you’re looking for footwear options for snow/rain, consider these Gore Tex forces. My fellow contributors can attest to these. They have different color ways, but don’t be afraid to go with all white!

-Ay Boogie

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