So I fucking did it I went a whole month without buying clothes. It was suprisingly easy… I’m lying I really struggle with this and it was so much work. I didn’t realize how much I look at clothes and talk about clothes. Low key not going out really helped with the not shopping. I said to myself I bet I can go longer but I’m lying.

I got into some other things while not shopping like planning long term wealth management which I really like so imma keep that up and take some jawn money and put it in there, so that’s a plus. I don’t really have that desire to spend all my money on clothes anymore, I know what you are thinking and naw im still going to waste money on clothes and brands that only a handful of people know or care about because that’s me.

This challenge helped me realize my personality is more than a jawnz enthusiast and I needed that break to see that, but I’m back baaaaabbbbbbby let the copping commence!!!!

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