Sigh here we go again, why is it so hard to get a pair of shoes and a jersey? The resell game is getting ridiculous like who is buying the shit at the ridiculous prices they are listing stuff at. These lames sitting on insta and tic tok selling sneakers without a drop of style or class just ruining the culture more and more everyday.

It’s mamba day and Nike out here limiting shit, but these products should not be limited but business got to business right.

I’m all over the place seeing these bot instagrams saying our users hit on everything fuck you out here hoeing my man Kobe out. Pieces of shit 1k for a jersey 700 for some sneakers if you buy Kobe product off a reseller please wait 2 months so these resellers drop the prices. I’m out here flaming every reseller on insta I don’t give a fuck I hope every single one blocks me nerd ass kids with no style.

Oh and I got the shoes I’m just so tired of not getting shit

Jawn legend


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