First off, let me say that I apologize for the horrendous lack of posts. I have to admit that I was focusing on other things but I’m trying to get my contributions to this blog back up and running.

So my homie and fellow contributor Punkoh (who never actually contributed to this blog 😰) let the homies know that Macy’s was a suit sale. I decided to check out what they had, because I had never purchased any suits from Macy’s before. To my surprise, they had many suits that were budget friendly! I ended up buying 5 suits, and even though I may have gone overboard, I saw it as an opportunity because I work for the court and have to wear suits. All of the suits were no more than $90 (before tax of course).

Anyway, the first suit I’m going to share my thoughts on is a dark burgundy suit by Kenneth Cole. The quality is fair, I would say not the best quality but better than the suits you find at the alleys (all my LA peeps know what I’m talking about). Considering the price, I thought it was a good value for what it is.

It’s a straight forward 2 piece suit in a slim fit cut. In the photo I paired it with a berry gingham shirt (H&M) and a grey/burgundy polka dot tie (Calvin Klein). I also had a tiki Disney pocket square that was gifted to me back in the day.

For footwear I went with copper/brownish Cole Haan zero grands that I had found at the thrift store down the street.

I have gotten many compliments wearing this suit and the color is a nice change of pace, given most folks wear black/blue/grey suits at my work. The color can command attention so you better make sure your confidence is up to par. All in all, I am very happy with the purchase.

With stilo,

Ay Boogie

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