I love Jordan ones a lot, but I have to say they have jumped the shark. The hype they have been creating is out of control just last year they were sitting on outlet clearance tables. It’s funny to see them sell for over a grand. What started the hype was it Travis Scott with those mediocre ones ugh where is the originality at. I guess when the youth see something get popular they go full send on it. Ok, peep this I was going to get something at the local gathering area I don’t know but its where all the youth linger and shit right and do you know how many people I saw wearing Jordan 1s cargo pants and flannels like every other youth I was like hot damn did they all coordinate their fits or what is going on. I get it the quest to fit in and be cool I fell into that trap when I was younger, maybe I’m upset because if I was a youth I would probably be that kid flexing in the same fit. Enough about the 2020 fuckboi uniform and back to the topic at hand Jordan ones.

Now not going to front some of the ones coming out are straight gas and I’m pissed I can’t get them cuz some kid with a bot bought all the pairs chalk that up to the game. The others tho oh my geez they are awful and these Instagram hype pages gassing them I’m like am I being punched like these

Sorry these aint it. You know deep down these some outlet Jordans but nope sold out crazy right. The endless rehashing of the original colors being flipped around is killing the legacy of this iconic shoe. I know I’m tripping now but I’m saying by February 2021 some tik Tok star will flip the masses on to the next trendy shoe. Then I can wear my ones again damn I sound like a bitter old man fuck oh well.

You may be like dig I’ve seen you wear Jordan 1s like all the time, you are right I wear them alot they are a special shoe to me. Quick story on them one of my favorite memories involving the shoe, I was at a house party partying as one is want to do when I black out and I throw up all over one of my closest friends brand new Jordan 1 ko the canvas jumps this was like 09 I think I felt so bad after that I still do to this day. Don’t worry about the shoes he still wears them to this day.

You know what really irks me is when these “sneaker heads” show their collections and its all just Jordan 1s from this year like you hype beast bastards find another way to try an impress girls online. Jordan one mids all I have to say is nothing I won’t speak on them.

So thanks for listening to me rant about a shoe that is beloved by millions of people.

your boy Jawn Legend


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