Outside of the box.

I apologize to my colleagues about my absence from the blog. I'd like to start off by saying one thing. ANYONE WHO DRESSES A CERTAIN WAY AND DISPLAYS CONFIDENCE, YOU'RE A BEAST AND I GIVE PROPS TO YOU! Why did I say that? Because yesterday for my friend Monica's bday (if you haven't said happy [...]


“How are you?”

I’m sorry from moving away from the main subject of Hijinks but diggy and I decided to change the motto to “fits, food, love and strife.” This message falls under the word love. Here’s my story for the day. Please enjoy. I apologize for it being so lengthy. How are you? Some people don’t understand [...]

Game day.

Game day.

Just a short and sweet post about what some coaches and my players wear during game days. What I'm wearing from top to bottom: Top:Black Old Navy zip-up jacket. Bottoms: Black Denim Jeans Footwear: Nike Equality Flyknit Racers. What my Student-athletes are wearing: Top: Black Volleyball Program long sleeve shirt Bottoms: Black Custom Tribal Pacifica [...]


Has anyone ever thought about how we all dressed and how we acted when we were freshmen in high school. I'm only thinking about it because the school I coach for had freshmen orientation. I saw about 200 freshmen with their parents and there was a lot of different fits. Lil ole me dressed really [...]

… not everything has to match all the time.

Today was a very interesting day. Especially when you stop, take a second and look. I'm the type of person who doesn't care about how I dress but will analyze someone on how they dress. Today, I was with Daniel and Cadence at Vans. We saw a little Asian boy with the rainbow helicopter hat, [...]