Na-Cho Normal Nachos

Ever since I was a kid, I've always been a fan of nachos. Come on, who doesn't like chips with cheese??? I don't know what it is about such a simple concept that is so appealing. Moving to more recent times, a lot of restaurants have been putting their twists on nachos, whether it be [...]


Sunday Funday

Sunday's are meant for brunch. With brunch of course comes brunch foods and drinks. Today's post is about the drinks. Mimosas. A champagne drink with some orange juice, raspberry-peach juice, or carrot-orange juice. Does the Sunday Brunch drink make for a good Sunday or a lazy Sunday? When you eat brunch, do you get a [...]

Too Sweet…

Continuing with the food posts of this week, I wanted to review a desert. Recently Krispy Kreme Doughnuts released a new version to their "Original Glazed" Doughnut. The "Original Filled" Doughnut. I said to my self, I must try it. I went originally Saturday night, got their to find out it was sold out and [...]


I've been a pho guy when it comes down to soups that I enjoy. I wanted to try the new craze of ramen. I wanted to see what the hype is all about. So I recently went to a local ramen place in Oxnard name Kitanoya. The speed that the ramen came out was pretty [...]


I want to consider myself to be a foodie. I like good food and new types of food. A way to catch my eye is having a big portion with some sort of new style of food... or even something as simple as chocolate cake. Going down to the Paradise Cove Beach Cafe, in Malibu. [...]

Good Food Saturday

So let's talk food today. I'm a person who enjoys good food and with good food I sometimes like it spicy. Today, me, angel and daniel went to a local brewery for some pretty amazing Nashville Hot 🥵 Chicken, prepared by a local Jay Hernandez of Smokin Jays BBQ. The chicken was packing some good [...]