Fried Food… Seafood Food… Eat Food.

Recently some friends and I went to try a seafood restaurant here in Oxnard (Otani's Seafood). It's a nice family owned restaurant, with a good selection of food for adults and kids. I ordered the Shrimp & Fries. The shrimp were big and cooked perfectly. For a 5 piece plate, I got full off of [...]


Sunday Funday

Sunday's are meant for brunch. With brunch of course comes brunch foods and drinks. Today's post is about the drinks. Mimosas. A champagne drink with some orange juice, raspberry-peach juice, or carrot-orange juice. Does the Sunday Brunch drink make for a good Sunday or a lazy Sunday? When you eat brunch, do you get a [...]

Style without gender

I’ve always loved the idea of androgyny and the freedom it gives me to wear styles traditionally represented my binary gender roles. Although my mom is my one true love/ride or die, my father’s style (now deceased, rest In power) has always stuck in my mind. My current partner’s style is a reminder of my [...]

Cj is 8!!!!

Cj is 8!!!!

I'm freaking out right now this post isn't my regular post but my son is 8 years old today and I had to write about how amazing he is. This kid saved my life and I'm so glad to watch him grow into the most wonderful child ever My best friend in the whole world [...]

Too Sweet…

Continuing with the food posts of this week, I wanted to review a desert. Recently Krispy Kreme Doughnuts released a new version to their "Original Glazed" Doughnut. The "Original Filled" Doughnut. I said to my self, I must try it. I went originally Saturday night, got their to find out it was sold out and [...]