Slobby’s World on Netflix

So I'm looking for a show to watch on Netflix and while scrolling I see a picture of a Jordan 1 so of course that caught my eye and I decided to give this show a chance. Basically the premise of the show is a guy named Robbie, he also goes by Slobby Robbie, owns [...]


Clout chasing rant

Here we go again fam so I was browsing insta at work today right and I came across this shit Why the fuck would you make your kid dress like this it's like wait mommy needs these likes so I can feel better. Idk why people think they need their kids to gain clout fuck [...]

All turbo everything

All turbo everything

Yooo I was trying to get some fire cinco de mayo fit pics off right but I got faded and couldn't get any good ones Shoes: white air forces Pants: black velvet tuxedo pants Shirt: Ted Baker Hawaiian shirt Glasses ray ban 3447 Not pictured all the jewelry I had one Versace Medusa ring Gucci [...]