Culture rant… kinda

This isn't any typical rant today more something I realized about this lifestyle. I was scrolling thru the Instagram explore page checking out what's going on in the world or my small slice of it and I was seeing a lot of street wear and high fashion post some of them good and some of [...]


Cj is 8!!!!

Cj is 8!!!!

I'm freaking out right now this post isn't my regular post but my son is 8 years old today and I had to write about how amazing he is. This kid saved my life and I'm so glad to watch him grow into the most wonderful child ever My best friend in the whole world [...]

Fit check

A quick fit check for this sunny ass Saturday Bottom up cuz I ain't no cop Shoes: black toe 14s Shorts: top man pineapple shorts Shirt: UNIQLO x Kaws Hat: supreme trucker Just a easy fit #call it DB

Clout chasing rant

Here we go again fam so I was browsing insta at work today right and I came across this shit Why the fuck would you make your kid dress like this it's like wait mommy needs these likes so I can feel better. Idk why people think they need their kids to gain clout fuck [...]